We recently caught up with U.S Sports Scholarships client and current Urbana University student-athlete Noah Stew-Lewis. Noah shared with us his experiences from his time in the States so far as well as his plans beyond graduation.

Can you tell us about the experience you have had on your scholarship in the States?

I am currently in my sophomore season here in the United States, and so far, I have loved every minute of it. The fact I am able to earn a degree whilst playing soccer to a high level, is a dream for most people including myself. The level of professionalism in the States is on another level, which makes it even more enjoyable due to the fact that college soccer almost mimics professional soccer in terms of televised games, training sessions, technology, and the ability to travel. I have made friends for life and I will keep in contact with those new and old to the team as they have made my experience so far amazing.

What has been most memorable to you about your experience?

I think the most memorable experience so far has been able to play against the best teams in NCAA D2 college soccer regularly. Playing against University of Charleston especially, and other teams in the Mountain East Conference (MEC) both in conference play and in the conference tournament, tells me I am experiencing some of the best soccer in the nation, which is an experience in itself. I hope in my sophomore season we again compete for the MEC title as well as reaching the national tournament.

Can you tell us about your plans for the future beyond graduation?

I would love to stay in the States after graduation, whether that is to play soccer professionally or employed in a business with some sporting background. I have had the opportunity to travel and see many beautiful cities such as Chicago, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis, which has made me want to continue my playing career if possible, after graduation. Regardless, I will leave with a degree in Exercise Science which can be used to get a job or do my masters in physiotherapy perhaps.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering a sports scholarship?

I would tell them to take the opportunity within a heartbeat. At first, I too was nervous and sceptical about leaving behind my family and friends, but if I’m being honest, soccer eventually takes over your life, with training sessions 3-4 times a week, games twice a week with weightlifting and yoga (recovery) sessions in between. This means I was almost too busy to miss home and feel sorry for myself, and instead trained hard and studied even harder. I tell a lot of my friends and family friends about my experiences and try to encourage younger athletes to think about a scholarship in America as it is an opportunity of a lifetime!

Think you have what it takes?

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