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At U.S Sport Scholarships, we offer a comprehensive selection of services that assist players in their search for a college or university in the USA. All our services are designed to assist our clients through the complex process of securing a place at an American college and are based on their individual capabilities and preferences.


Your Options

There are essentially two options for you to consider when deciding how best to secure a sports scholarship to an American university.

Option 1 is to consider pursuing a sports scholarship on your own. This is not easy and extremely time consumer, but for elite level student-athletes this is certainly not impossible. All of the information required is available online and this is a popular route for some scholarship hopefuls. There is clearly a reason why U.S Sports Scholarships exists, however the main benefit of pursuing the scholarship process by yourself is that it minimizes short-term costs but definitely not time or potentially long-term costs.

Option 2 is to sign with U.S Sports Scholarships. This means that you will pay a fee for our services and we will assist with all aspects of the scholarship process on your behalf. All U.S Sports Scholarship student-athletes benefit from utilising our expertise, experience and network not only saving you significant amounts of time but also ensuring a successful outcome for you and your family.

U.S Sports Scholarships’ service has evolved significantly over the years and has been successful in securing scholarships for over 500 sportsmen & women to colleges and universities across the United States of America.

Our services and fees are as follows:

The following are a list of costs that are not included within U.S Sports Scholarships’ service fee that may be worth consideration.  Please note, that not all will be applicable to you:

Eligibility Assessment
GPA Analysis & Calculation
Showcase Games
Filming (Showcase Games & Club)
Highlight Video
Online Player Profile
SAT Support
Eligibility Center Support
Player Promotion
Scholarship Search
Uni Visit Support
Visa Assistance
Admissions Support
Insurance Assistance
Aftercare Support
Transfer Assistance
Payment Plans


This is a one-off fee that can be paid in instalments and entitles our student-athletes to the U.S Sports Scholarships service that lasts for approximately 5 years; with the first year focused on securing suitable scholarship opportunities, and the years that follow providing aftercare support to the athlete during their time in America.

Deposit – £1,000 (within 7 days of signing the agreement)
Final Payment – £1,250 (due one month after the deposit)
TOTAL – £2,250

Deposit – £1,000 (Within 7 days of signing the agreement)
2nd Payment – £750 (due one month after the deposit)
3rd Payment – £500 (due one month after the 2nd payment)
TOTAL – £2,250

Additional Costs to Consider

The following are a list of costs that are not included within U.S Sports Scholarships’ service fee that may be worth consideration.  Please note, that not all will be applicable to you:

Flights to the USA£500 (per year)
The SAT Exam£78 (one-off)
F1 Student Visa£280 (one-off)
Health Insurance£350 (per year)
NCAA or NAIA Eligibility£80 (one-off)
Social costs (cinema, shopping etc)£TBC
TOEFL *(for non-UK nationals)£150 (one-off)
Tuition & Fees *(if on partial scholarship)£TBC

Match Filming Service

If you do decide to pursue a sports scholarship on your own then you my be interested in our match filming service, whereby we can send one of our professional videographers out to come and video you play for your club team. Below is an example of the type of video footage we can supply you with or without the watermark so that you can use for your own promotion. Pricing for each game will depend on location but if this is of interest please contact us today.

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