International Student-Athlete Health Insurance

Studying abroad for several months or even years at a time presents its own unique set of risks. To help mitigate risk in the event of injury or illness we recommend getting both health and travel medical insurance in the event of unforeseen health related issues and have trusted, industry-leading partners that ensure you are fully covered at highly competitive rates. Student sports insurance plans cover the insured for medical emergencies arising during the participation in sports. Students who are looking for sports insurance coverage will find this page helpful in understanding the differences between the coverage offered by trusted insurance companies. We are not an insurance broker and strongly advise that you do your own research in order to find the best insurance policies for you during your time playing and studying in America. That being said, please see below more information on both health and travel insurance that we believe to be helpful. You can also get free quotes for health insurance and travel insurance using the links provided. Any questions on insurance do let us know:


Getting comprehensive insurance cover is an absolute must for players during their time in America to help cover any unexpected medical expenses. It is essential that you are covered both as a student and an athlete and that you are covered while on and off campus. Without comprehensive health insurance costs can get incredibly high in the event of a health issue. Many schools in America will have compulsory comprehensive health insurance that you must enrol on through a recommended partner of theirs. This cost can be covered by scholarship but if not the costs can typically range from $500-$1,000 per year depending on what provider it is and what level of coverage you opt for. Where the health insurance provider isn’t compulsory you can find lots of alternatives online. One company a lot of our student-athletes have used is WorldTrips below is some information on them.

Since 1998, WorldTrips have been helping international travellers navigate the world with confidence. They offer a variety of customisable, budget-friendly health insurance plans to meet the needs of individuals looking to study abroad. The relevant policy for student-athletes is called ‘StudentSecure’, which can be accessed on the link below. We recommend you choose either the Budget, Select or Elite packages in order to be able to add the required intercollegiate sports coverage. When going through the checkout process you will be prompted to add this as an extra. Click the button below to get your free health insurance quote.

The above link will enable you to quickly select product options, generate quotes, review the coverage and submit electronic applications in real time. More information on these individual student health insurance can be found below for reference but again advise you research the best options for your stay in America:


StudentSecure is international student health insurance for full-time students and scholars studying outside of their home country. The StudentSecure series offers four levels of coverage – Elite, Select, Budget, and Smart – so you can choose the international student insurance plan that best fits your needs and budget.

StudentSecure Is Designed for International Students Seeking:

* Coverage that meets or exceeds most government and visa requirements including F-1 / J-1 visa requirements

* Coverage that meets the requirements of many programs and schools at a budget-friendly rate

* Important medical benefits, including some Outpatient Prescription Drug coverage and some Mental Health coverage

A StudentSecure plan can reduce your personal expenses if you face an unexpected injury or illness throughout the course of your international studies.

* Elite offers the lowest deductible and highest maximum benefits of all the StudentSecure plans. It is the only StudentSecure plan to include Personal Liability coverage.

* Select offers the second lowest deducible and the second highest maximum benefits of all the StudentSecure plans.

* Budget offers mid-level coverage and the second lowest premium of the StudentSecure plans.

* Smart offers lower coverage limits in exchange for the lowest premium of the StudentSecure plans.

The intercollegiate optional rider provides coverage of up to $5,000 for new injuries or illnesses sustained while taking in part in school-sanctioned intercollegiate sports. You are not covered if the sports are not san actioned by your school or if the activity is performed in a professional capacity.


WorldTrips can also provide you with a quote of travel insurance. Their short-term travel health insurance for individuals traveling outside of their home country is called Atlas Travel Insurance. Atlas Travel can cover trips between 5 and 364 days. In addition to medical benefits for unexpected injuries and illnesses, Atlas Travel insurance offers benefits for emergency medical evacuation, terrorism, political evacuation, recreational sports and activities, and more. It is not just medical coverage only it also provides many sections of cover, flexibility and includes repatriation and emergency medial cover. The  Study Abroad scheme complements any Health Insurance, especially off-campus. As with health insurance we recommend doing your own research on what is the best policy and coverage for your need but you can also click the button below to get your free travel insurance quote.

Additional Costs to Consider

The following are a list of costs that are not included within U.S Sports Scholarships’ service fee that may be worth consideration.  Please note, that not all costs will necessarily be applicable to you:

Flights to the USA ~ £500 (per year)
The SAT Exam ~ £100 (one-off)
F1 Student Visa ~ £300 (one-off)
Health / Travel Insurance ~ £350 (per year)
NCAA or NAIA Eligibility ~ £115 (one-off)
Transcript Evaluation (WES) ~ £120 (one-off)
TOEFL *(for non-UK nationals) £150 (one-off)
Tuition & Fees *(if on partial scholarship) £TBC

Additional Info

Claim: A claim is sent if an accident occurs. You can do this by hand or online. You usually need to submit receipts, reports, and photos with this.

Premium: This is what you pay every month—or every six months—to have insurance. It’s like a Netflix subscription. But WAY less fun.

Deductible: This is a predetermined amount that YOU must pay BEFORE insurance begins paying IF you have a problem. This can range significantly and will impact your premiums; the higher your deductible, the lower your monthly costs generally are. The deductible is the maximum amount you will have to pay in a year before insurance kicks in.

Co-Insurance: Beyond your deductible, your plan might include co-insurance payments, which is a percentage of what you’ll be charged after your deductible is reached/exceeded. This is typically a percentage, like 10%.

Co-payment or co-pay: This is a fixed amount that you’ll have to pay the doctor when services are rendered.

In and out of network: When you have health insurance in the United States, it will likely fall in one of two categories—HMO (Health Maintenance Organisations) or PPO (Preferred Provider Organisation). This means different rates for services depending on if procedures are performed by certain individuals who are in or out of network.

Other international student athlete insurance tips:

Don’t delay. Coordinate your health insurance in advance of setting foot in the United States as an international student. While you might not need insurance coverage from day one of your arrival, you will need it during your actual studies or once the semester begins. Consider buying short-term health insurance for international students on OPT to right any gaps in your coverage as an F1 student.

Double check your school’s requirements. The institution you’re studying at in the USA might have additional health insurance requirements, like waivers. Double check with your campus advisor or guidance councellor to ensure no document is left un-submitted!

Make sure you remain eligible. Some insurance providers will have unique eligibility qualifications, like a requirement that you attend classes for a set number of hours each week. If you’re not able to follow through with these, don’t pay for that insurance. It won’t work!

Review the cancellation policy with someone more knowledgeable than you. We get that you’re a bright student, but legal jargon can be tough to understand—even for native English speakers. Walk through the cancellation policy with your advisor or education consultant so you’re aware of any red flags.

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