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Costs of Studying in America

Getting comprehensive insurance cover is an absolute must for players during their time in America. A lot of schools will have compulsory comprehensive health insurance that you must pay for but which covers you while you are on and off campus and when playing sports. For proper protection, you must consider travel insurance and we have been working with the only long stay specialist in the UK, our trusted partner for many years.. It is important to recognise that travel insurance is a completely different product to Health Insurance. The Study Abroad scheme is not just medical coverage only (as Health Insurance is), it provides many sections of cover, flexibility and includes repatriation and emergency medial cover. The  Study Abroad scheme complements any Health Insurance, especially off-campus –  beware, the bills for repatriation can potentially run into hundreds of thousands.

There is some more information about this insurance below. To get discounted rates on your insurance quote make sure you use the following link: CLICK HERE

(a) International students will normally be ‘encouraged’ to purchase the recommended campus Health Insurance – it may already be included in your fees or you could well have to pay separately and it may not be a nice surprise. Premiums vary enormously between Universities, Colleges, Schools and State to State. Please ensure you check out the level of cover and possible limitations, such as secondary insurance.

(b) Occasionally, if you do not have to purchase the campus health insurance up front, they will always be able to suggest an alternative.

(c) Very rarely, if they are not pushing their own Health Insurance, you could be allowed to purchase elsewhere. They will, however, almost certainly require an American insurer. We can put you in touch with a specialist Broker in the UK but again, it may be a ‘closed shop’ on campus.

         Example Premiums…10 MONTHS WORLDWIDE….£408.46

                                             12 MONTHS WORLDWIDE….£479.88

For full details of the STUDY ABROAD scheme, get a quote and purchase online CLICK HERE

Contact info: 07837 524144 or Email:

IMPORTANT: Insurers have now specifically included cover for COVID-19 in the premiums

Additional Costs to Consider

The following are a list of costs that are not included within U.S Sports Scholarships’ service fee that may be worth consideration.  Please note, that not all costs will necessarily be applicable to you:

Flights to the USA ~ £500 (per year)
The SAT Exam ~ £100 (one-off)
F1 Student Visa ~ £300 (one-off)
Health / Travel Insurance ~ £350 (per year)
NCAA or NAIA Eligibility ~ £115 (one-off)
Transcript Evaluation (WES) ~ £120 (one-off)
TOEFL *(for non-UK nationals) £150 (one-off)
Tuition & Fees *(if on partial scholarship) £TBC

Additional Info

Full Scholarships

Many scholarship consultants talk freely about ‘full scholarships’ whereby a student-athlete’s costs for tuition, food and housing are all covered, but the reality is these types of scholarships are only awarded to student-athletes with the absolute highest levels of academic and athletic capabilities. Also as attractive as a full scholarship may sound it could be at a university that doesn’t match your criteria at all and in fact you could have a much more enjoyable experience at a school that you do have to contribute some cost towards.

Over 900 U.S universities offered international students’ scholarship awards of over $10,000 per year last year alone. Of these 900, 195 offered scholarships of $20K-$30K per year, 80 offered $30K-$40K, 105 offered $40K+ and 183 offered a ‘full ride’. About 10% of international undergraduate students report a university scholarship as their primary source of funding

Steps for funding U.S Study

Funding options include: Personal and family savings, scholarships from U.S universities, scholarships from external funding bodies and loans from a U.S or UK lender. Applying for funding often happens simultaneous to the admissions process.  U.S universities award funding on the basis of financial need and/or scholarships, as well as sports scholarships.

The availability of U.S-based loans for non-U.S citizens is limited. In almost all cases, U.S-based loan programmes require non-U.S citizens to have a creditworthy U.S citizen or permanent resident to act as a co-signer. However, UK citizens may apply for a personal loan from a UK bank and apply it toward U.S study. Please note, U.S citizens can apply for U.S government loans via the FAFSA website and may be eligible for loans from a private lender based in the U.S.

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