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An Introduction into Women’s Soccer Scholarships:

If you are aged between 15-24, in education or have been in the last 2 years and have a clean criminal record whilst playing soccer at a competitive level, you are well positioned to become a successful U.S Sports Scholarships applicant. However, only the best young female players will be considered for a soccer scholarship by coaches so ideally you will have played at an Academy, Centre of Excellence or have represented your County side.

U.S Sports Scholarships is like no other service provider in the world in that we only offer 50 places on our recruitment programme each year to ensure that every single player receives the necessary time and personal attention to take them through the complex process of finding a suitable school in America; helping them secure the best possible financial package. To help achieve this, each player is assigned their own designated representative who is with them every step of the way. If you think you have what it takes to play and study in the USA on a soccer scholarship, please complete our free online application now.

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What is an U.S athletic soccer scholarship?

An athletic soccer scholarship is a form of scholarship to attend a U.S college or university awarded to an individual based on their academic and athletic capabilities. A soccer scholarship can cover anywhere between 0-100% of costs and these offers are authorised by the coaches at American colleges/universities.

What determines how much scholarship I get in the USA?

Your scholarship will depend on many factors including your playing ability and academic standing, as well as your coaches assigned budget for the season. However, don’t worry it is our job to ensure that we find you an American college which best suits your preferences and capabilities. If, for example, a university costs $50,000 a year all in and the coach is giving you a scholarship worth $42,000, then this is a partial scholarship as there is a $8,000 shortfall that the coach wants you to contribute towards the costs of attending the university. Most partial scholarships come with the incentive that if you perform well, both on the field and in the classroom, then the coach can reward you with a scholarship increase and cover any costs that you had been contributing towards.

Can I receive a full 100% soccer scholarship in the USA?

The level of scholarship granted is fundamentally dependent on what the coach of the American college wants to offer. A 100% scholarship or ‘full ride’ covers the costs of tuition and fees, room and board, and textbooks, leaving only incidental costs to pay for the student-athlete. In this case, 100% of the costs are covered and it can be worth up to a staggering $400,000 over four years. At U.S Sports Scholarships, one in every four of our athletes will receive a full scholarship.

Can a soccer player go on to play professional in the NWSL after graduating from University?

NWSL teams do draft college players into their rosters after they have completed their University education and therefore for top level student-athletes playing in the NWSL is definitely a realistic opportunity; however, competition for places is understandably extremely competitive. That being said, at U.S Sports Scholarships we are firm believers that if you are good enough you will get picked up and playing at college in America for four years gives you the perfect platform to get spotted.

When does the U.S college soccer season take place?

Because soccer is regarded as a ‘fall sport’ this means that competition takes place between September and around November time depending on how was your team progresses in the regional and national tournament. That being said, most players fly out for pre-season training at the start of August and then come home for a month during the Christmas break after the end of the Fall semester. Spring semester runs from January until May time. During that time although it is regarded as off-season training scrimmage matches still take place.

How do I find out more about U.S Soccer Scholarships?

To find out more about the soccer scholarship process, fill out our form and a U.S Sports Scholarships consultant will be in touch to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can register for one of our UK Football Trials where our expert team will deliver a detailed presentation that will provide you with information on the entire process and how we can help you with securing a soccer scholarship. If this is of interest please complete our free online application now.

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