We recently caught up with U.S Sports Scholarships client and current Francis Marion student-athlete Oliver Peters. Oliver shared with us his experiences from his time in the States so far as well as his plans beyond graduation.

Can you tell us about the experience you have had on your scholarship in the States?

After spending a year out in the States, I can say that it has been a brilliant experience so far and something that I have really enjoyed. To get the chance to earn yourself a degree whilst playing full time still is something that I couldn’t turn down. I have also learnt so much being miles away from home which is something that I needed to adapt to quickly. 

What has been most memorable to you about your experience?

So far I’d say the most memorable experience has been reaching the semi final of the peach belt conference tournament. Alongside this getting to travel around and play in different states has been very enjoyable.

Can you tell us about your plans for the future beyond graduation?

As for my future plans, right now I’d say that they are relatively open. I have only completed 1 year in the states so have 3 more to come which should be a good opportunity to try different classes and courses. Also the option of an internship may be available later on in my college career which is something to look forward to.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering a sports scholarship?

I think if you are interested in a sports scholarship, it’s crucial that you do your research. Try to find out as much as you can whether it’s online or talking to people that have been through the process. And if you feel like it’s the right option then go for it. You might only get the one chance. It will be difficult at times but I have found that it’s been worth it.

Think you have what it takes?

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