I hope you’ve had a good weekend, following our recent online seminar we received some queries around similar topics, so we thought we would answer the top 3 we received for you in case you are wondering the same things as follows:

Q: What SAT subject tests do I need to study for?

None. If you are looking to attend a four year school in a normal year you are required to just take the SAT or ACT exam not the SAT Subject Test. Please remember this when registering. We also recommend Khan Academy and the official SAT study guide that you can buy on Collegeboard or Amazon. The NCAA and NAIA schools are waivering the need for the SAT / ACT for freshman athletes in 2021, however this might not be the case for 2022/23 and even though the eligibility centres don’t require it this doesn’t mean that the school you are potentially going to wouldn’t still require it. The NJCAA (2 year community colleges) don’t require the SAT. More information on the NJCAA can be found by clicking here.

Q: When should I register with the NAIA or NCAA Eligibility Centres?

If you are looking to go out in 2022 or 2023 you can either wait until you know what school you are looking to attend and then register for the associated eligibility centre or if you are academically eligible for 4 year schools as a freshman (1st year student) you could just register for both and start the process so that it saves time later on. The benefits of this is that when your profile is circulated you will already have your account ID that coaches can check and you can submit your official copies of your qualifications to the NCAA and NAIA (Incred) to get your official GPA and know if you are eligible. The drawback is you would be paying for two eligbility centre fees but you will only actually need to get cleared by one if you do commit to a 4 year school as these are separate governing bodies. The NJCAA (2 year community colleges) don’t require you to register with an eligibility centre but you will still need to get cleared by the school’s admissions department to be accepted by the school.

Q: When should I register with admissions and for a Visa?

Following you signing your national letter of intent to officially commit to the school the admissions department will most likely be in touch with you or your coach. You can’t book your VISA appointment at the US embassy in London until you get cleared by admissions who supply you with a document called an I-20 that enables you to book your SEVIS and Visa appointment.

We hope this information helped as always any other questions please do let us know on the following email address we are happy to help:

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