We recently caught up with U.S Sports Scholarships client and current Tiffin University student-athlete Declan Lehmann. Declan shared with us his experiences so far from his first six months in the States as well as his future college plans.

Can you tell us about your journey that has led to you being out in America on a scholarship?

I’ve played football since I was 6 years old and always loved it. I was at Swindon Town academy for 10 years from 7 till 17 before moving on to Forest Green Rovers and being the first scholar to sign there as they was new to the football league. We always had people come in and talk about the opportunities of playing football out in America as well as furthering your education and this was something I really thought about. Towards the end of my scholarship I decided America was the route I wanted to take so I started the process of going out to the States. I am now playing at Tiffin University and studying Sports Management thanks to U.S Sports Scholarships.

What can you tell us about your experience in America so far?

It was my first semester out in America this Spring and although it was cut sort due to Covid 19 I was really settling in and enjoying my time out there. Being back to everyday training and gym work suits me and the standard of football is of a very high level. Training sessions were fun and gym sessions were challenging so we could get something out of it. My studies are going very well and I feel like even in the little time I’ve been over in America it’s helped me learn new things about myself.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering a sports scholarship?

For anyone who is debating on whether or not to take the opportunity to go out and play a sport and study over in America, I would highly recommend it. So far it has been everything and more that you read about how good it is and it is a really great option for your career as you will develop both athletically and academically. I was nervous to be away from home but you honestly feel so welcome and once you get into the swing of the first semester you really settle in.

Can you tell us about your goals for your collegiate career?

My goals for my collegiate career is obviously to excel in my classes and get my degree because as much as your sport is important to you, your studies need to be looked after also. My goal for my football will be to win a NCAA national tournament for sure as this is as good as it gets. I also have a goal to get drafted into a professional team at the end of my scholarship.

What has been your experience been as a U.S Sports Scholarships athlete?

My experience as a U.S Sports Scholarship athlete has been nothing but positive. Since the day I spoke to Liam everything ran smoothly and my process to go to America, which was a lot more rushed than others as I wanted to go out for the Spring semester rather than Fall, still was made easy. Every day I was updated on interests and was given advice on my options which really gave a massive helping hand! Even now whilst I was in America, I was still checked up on to make sure everything was going as planned. Everything about the company is very professional and the individual focus on the athletes is something that really convinced me that U.S Sport Scholarships was the right choice to get my journey to America on the go.

Think you have what it takes?

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