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An Introduction into Esports Scholarships:

U.S Sports Scholarships are pioneering in esports scholarships and one of the first in the UK to offer this experience. Interested in playing Fortnite, FIFA, League of Legends, Call of Duty and many other games full-time? Or do you have the ambition to compete at a higher level?

Esports are a vastly growing sport, where more and more colleges and universities in the US are offering scholarships to students for. Many students are now working hard to develop their gaming skills with looking at the prospect and incredible opportunity of being welcomed with a place on a varsity roster.

To be given the best chance of success in being offered a Gaming Scholarship, the candidate must try to compete at the best level in their game or area and working on your Ranking & KDA. Competing online and gaining experience in local tournaments will certainly assists you when going for a 100% sports scholarship. Show potential coaches and universities you want to go to that extra mile.

Ways to enhance your athletic skill set to gain exposure to college ESports coaches and increase your chances of landing an ESports Scholarship:

Participate in competitions: With regards to e-sport competitions, there are free tournaments as well as fee paying tournaments and it is important for you compete in these regularly. Taking advantage of these, boosts your competitive ability and how to cope under pressure. Competing often shows coaches that you are building experience which will prepare you for competitive events to come.

Stream/record footage: It is important to film game play and to store your best highlights as coaches are not just interested in rankings and hard facts but they also want to see your style of play and how your creative techniques differ to other candidates.

Work hard academically: Being a student of good grades is essential in being recruited for an esport scholarship in the US. As well as coaches wanting a student of high gaming ability, a balance of athletic/academic qualities are significant in a coaches final say. If you are successful in receiving your scholarship, you will have to fulfil academic requirements to ensure your place on the course.

What kind of Gaming Scholarships are available and will I play in tournaments?

There are many games available to play at colleges and universities. Some of the scholarships available are: Fortnite Scholarships, Dota 2 Scholarships, League of Legends Scholarships, Call of Duty Scholarships, Overwatch Scholarships, Rocket League Scholarships & many more.

Depending on your ambitions, a gaming scholarship will prepare you for competitions by putting you right in the driving seat in the likes of the Collegiate Star League, competing against other talented colleges and universities. If you are a competitive person and love a challenge, some universities in the US strive to have the best competitive teams, while others are aiming for a more relaxed approach. No matter your preference, these courses will prepare you for future competitions while honing your skills and meeting the right people.

U.S Sports Scholarships is like no other service provider in the world in that we only offer 50 places on our recruitment programme each year to ensure that every single player receives the necessary time and personal attention to take them through the complex process of finding a suitable school in America; helping them secure the best possible financial package. To help achieve this, each player is assigned their own designated representative who is with them every step of the way. If you think you have what it takes to play and study in the USA on a soccer scholarship, please complete our free online application now.

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What is an U.S athletic esports scholarship?

An athletic esports scholarship is a form of scholarship to attend a U.S college or university awarded to an individual based on their academic and athletic capabilities. An esports scholarship can cover anywhere between 0-100% of costs and these offers are authorised by the coaches at American colleges/universities.

What determines how much scholarship I get in the USA?

Your scholarship will depend on many factors including your playing ability and academic standing, as well as your coaches assigned budget for the season. However, don’t worry it is our job to ensure that we find you an American college which best suits your preferences and capabilities. If, for example, a university costs $50,000 a year all in and the coach is giving you a scholarship worth $42,000, then this is a partial scholarship as there is a $8,000 shortfall that the coach wants you to contribute towards the costs of attending the university. Most partial scholarships come with the incentive that if you perform well, both for gaming and in the classroom, then the coach can reward you with a scholarship increase and cover any costs that you had been contributing towards.

Can I receive a full 100% soccer scholarship in the USA?

The level of scholarship granted is fundamentally dependent on what the coach of the American college wants to offer. A 100% scholarship or ‘full ride’ covers the costs of tuition and fees, room and board, and textbooks, leaving only incidental costs to pay for the student-athlete. In this case, 100% of the costs are covered and it can be worth up to a staggering $400,000 over four years. At U.S Sports Scholarships, one in every four of our athletes will receive a full scholarship.

How do I find out more about Esports Scholarships?

To find out more about the esports scholarship process, fill out our form and a U.S Sports Scholarships consultant will be in touch to answer any questions you may have. If this is of interest please complete our free online application now.

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