Throughout Darren’s 22-year coaching career he has been a part of 5 winning basketball programmes. As well as coaching in the Euroleague, he has coached in the Northern European Basketball League, British Basketball League, NCAA D1, NCAA D2 and NJCAA D2 in the USA as well as building one of the most successful basketball academies in the UK from scratch. Darren is the only British basketball coach to have ever been on a coaching staff with both a Euroleague team and NCAA D1 team. During his coaching tenure Darren won 3 National Championships and 8 Conference Championships at a variety of levels and has not only gained a lot of success on the basketball court but also off the court by becoming the only Basketball Academy in the UK to have placed 50 male basketball players on US basketball scholarships in 14 years therefore Darren is the ideal person to help our talented basketball athletes with their journeys out to America and beyond. Darren also has vast experience running basketball tours and manages all our basketball focused America tours.